Saturday, March 27, 2010

Want to get your DUI dismissed?

Under Washington State law, individuals who are alcohol dependent and suffer from an alcohol and/or drug addiction can petition a court for a dismissal of their pending DUI charge by way of something called a "Deferred Prosecution". Although this may appear to be an appealing option there are several stringent conditions that are placed upon a Deferred Prosecution candidate upon entry of the petition.

In exchange for the dismissal (only after five years), the Deferred Prosecution petitioner must undergo and complete an intensive alcohol and/or drug treatment program, which lasts approximately two years. The petitioner must also follow all court ordered conditions for a period of at least five years, which includes active probation, followed by inactive probation. The completion of the treatment program and compliance with all court ordered conditions will likely result in the dismissal of the DUI charge in Washington State, only after the end of the five year period. Failure to successfully complete the treatment program or to successfully comply with all court ordered conditions will result in the revocation of the deferred prosecution and will result in a DUI conviction. A defendant is eligible for only one Deferred Prosecution in her lifetime. Therefore, anyone facing a DUI charge in King County should consult with a Seattle DUI lawyer before deciding whether a deferred prosecution is in their best interest.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Yes, its true! Washington state has laws which continuously crack down on boating while under the influence. Boating and drinking has become a heightened point of emphasis for law enforcement all across the Puget Sound and Western Washington area. Although much of this crack down, has typically been during the summer months, you are always at risk of getting a Boating Under the Influence (BUI) charge against you regardless of what time of the year it may be. Therefore, it is imperative for you to consult with a Washington criminal defense lawyer if faced with these serious charges.

So although boating is often seen by many as a leisurely activity, and one which Washington state residents have only a few months every year to enjoy, boaters must be cognizant that law enforcement is increasingly treating BUI as if it were a zero tolerance crime, and thus, once charged a Seattle criminal lawyer needs to get involved.

No longer is law enforcement only concerned about citizens operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, but they are now stopping and arresting individuals for operating any type of vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Juvenile charges

Being an adolescent is a time of growing, experiencing and learning - we have all been there, through the good and the bad. So it goes without saying that kids under the age of 18 can make poor, immature decisions; decisions that can often result in criminal charges being filed against them, decisions that can have a significant detrimental impact on their lives if not handled properly by a savvy Seattle criminal defense attorney. The juvenile criminal defense lawyer must be experienced with knowing how the juvenile court system operates. The attorney must understand that the juvenile court system operates differently than the adult court system, because the juvenile court system is about rehabilitation, not necessarily punishment. A good Washington criminal defense lawyer will strive to keep youths out of detention, and they work to compel the court and/or probation to give youths another fighting chance to succeed in life.

Do not let a mistake early in life affect your child’s future in life. A good Seattle Criminal Defense lawyer will skillfully, and through experience, dedicate themselves to providing effective, aggressive representation for juveniles accused of committing crimes. Furthermore, the Washington juvenile attorney will work to ensure that your child does not lose out on future job opportunities and/or college financial aid; don’t let a loved one’s immature, unwise mistake haunt his/ her future prospects at succeeding in life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charged with a Sex Offense?

A conviction for a sex offense in Washington state could result in a life sentence, or the requirement of having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Additionally, you could lose your job, your family and friends and many other things that are important to you. That is why it is even more imperative for one to consider retaining a Washington criminal defense lawyer for these serious matters. A criminal defense attorney in Washington can use his skills, knowledge and experience to protect those accused of sex crimes in Washington, and protect the defendant from losing his or her life. There are several sex-related crimes that one can be charged with in Washington state.

Child Molestation:
In Washington State child molestation is defined as any unlawful sexual activity involving an adult (or an older minor) and a child. A person may have made a serious mistake which resulted in a criminal investigation and possible subsequent charge(s). On many occasions, however, a person may be the victim of false allegations. Whether you are under investigation or are currently facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you contact a Washington criminal defense lawyer in order to preserve your chances to attain the best possible outcome and protect all of your rights.

Rape and Statutory Rape:
In Washington State there are different types and degrees of rape, each involving non-consensual, sexual intercourse with another person. A person convicted of either rape or rape of a child will be sentenced to a minimum number of years in prison, and may even be given an indeterminate sentence, which is a sentence that could mean life in prison. A person convicted of either rape or rape of a child may also be required to register as a sex offender. There also are many other severe, life changing consequences for those convicted of rape or rape of a child in Western Washington. With the assistance of the Seattle criminal attorneys, you can protect and defend your legal rights to avoid the life altering consequences that one faces upon being convicted for a sex-related crime.

Sex Offender Registration:
The Washington and Federal sex registration laws are extremely complex. A person convicted of a sex offense in Western Washington is required to register every address, every trip to another state; juvenile sex-offenders are required to register attendance at every school for a minimum of ten years. Sex offender registration prohibits individuals from having any contact with minors, and some times could even prohibit one from having contact with ones own children. If a person fails to correctly register, such a failure can lead to the person being charged with an entirely new sex crime. Sex offender registration applies to all sex and kidnapping offenses. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a Seattle criminal lawyer to avoid these serious consequences.